CastleMiner FAQ

What is CastleMiner?

CastleMiner is a creative building game for the Xbox 360.

What Platforms is CastleMiner on?

Currently CastleMiner is only on the Xbox 360.

How do I get CastleMiner?

You can get CastleMiner on the "Indie" section of the Xbox Live Dashboard, or by following this LINK.

How much does CastleMiner cost?

CastleMiner is currently on sale for 80msp (or $1)

What can I do in CastleMiner?

In CastleMiner you can build and modify a block based environment, with up to 15 of your freinds and over 200 block types to choose from.

I have heard of CastleMiner Z, is this the same game?

No, CastleMiner Z is a separate product. CastleMiner Z is a zombie horror survival game where you can craft weapons and tools. You can GET IT HERE.

I have CastleMiner, will I get CastleMiner Z for free or vs versa?

No, they are two separate products.

Does CastleMiner have Multiplayer?

Yes, CastleMiner features 16 player multiplayer.